Friday, 13 July 2007

New Forced Feminization Preview Picture

Sissifuss has a new free preview picture online. We wanted to show an example of one of our sissy commission pictures and thought this was a cute example everyone would love.

The picture shows two feminized sissy boys in sexy lingerie having sex in front of their mistresses. The image is captioned as is usual for our commissions (unlike our magazine pictures that are accompanied by stories of course).

The sissies don't look too happy but the mistresses seem to be enjoying the show! You can look at the pic via the commissions page or through our preview page.

Tuesday, 26 June 2007

New forced feminization stories and pictures in Sissifuss 6

A new issue of Sissifuss has gone online today. We very much enjoyed putting it together - writing sexy stories and drawing sexy pictures is such a turn on.

The new issue contains stories featuring humiliation, bondage, forced feminization, sissy sluts having sex, boys forced into satin, imprisonment, voyeurism and more. We're sure you'll love it. Check out the front cover below:

Friday, 4 May 2007

Commissioned pictures for sissies

Today we officially launched our picture commissions service. For a while we have been drawing commissioned pictures for people that have emailed us and asked if we would and we figured that we would launch this service officially on the Sissifuss website.

In line with the kind of images we have already done for people, the service includes alterations to any existing Sissifuss image, as well as the obvious 'from scratch' pics. Of course, all of the images will have some kind of a forced feminization theme, but unlike in our standard pictures, we are prepared to put captions of the commissioners choice. I'm not totally about captions, but I know a lot of people like them.

We like doing commissions because it's actually quite an interesting way to see what people like about our pictures and to get an idea of the kinds of little things that appeal to readers. For instance, one reader asked for an existing image to be altered to include more jewellery (and, interestingly, a different shade of pantyhose) and since then we have tried to pay more attention to this easily neglectable detail.

It'll be interesting to see how many people take up the opportunity of having pictures done just for them, because as I say, previously we have only drawn commissioned images for people that have directly asked us.

Wednesday, 25 April 2007

Myspace friends, myspace foes

Myspace has been good to Sissifuss. I love being in contact with hundred of cds, tvs and sissies, especially those that are our readers (of course). Not only is it a friendly community, but I learn a lot about what people might like to read about. Only knowing one sissy myself, before myspace I only had contact with his fantasies. Through myspace I've learned about a lot of other aspects of the fetish (through livejournal contacts too, but I have less of those). Chastity, for instance, was something I knew little about before. So, whereas when Sissifuss initially hit up myspace it was for promotional reasons, it's turned out to be almost reciprocal, with sissies informing us (usually indirectly) of their particular interests. Certainly of huge benefit.

Of course, myspace has been wonderful promotionally for us as it has allowed us to keep in contact with many of our reader's in an environment of their choosing (boy those sissies love their myspace pages - so much pink and glitter ;-). I can never be sure how many new reader's it has brought us, but I'm certain it's significant. So adding friends and indeed actually making friends (not just whoring), keeping up with the sissy network, has been good for us.

We did see myspace as a place for picking up backlinks (self created ones natch) but I don't know how much difference any of those made (they did pop up in searches lots on some engines) to our serps. This week myspace has right royally screwed anyone who was using commenting to create their own backlinks by starting redirecting all comment links through its server. Oh well, I guess its a god job that our promo activities on myspace weren't reliant on comment backlinks - I'll just keep at that friend networking :-) Going to have to have a little think about places to get some backlinks though as we are seriosuly lacking them.

Humiliation on the homepage!

Have jigged the Sissifuss homepage some more for a couple of reasons:

1. Had more space for info and keywords after the new design went up yesterday. Those new sissy boys gave me quite a bit of extra space beneath their bows and petticoats! Wanted to add a bit of extra infor but also prettify it a little bit. Sissify the text if you will ;-)

2. Wanted to target keywords a little better for the SE's. Did some more up to date investigation into the kinds of things people search for and found I had totally forgotten to include 'humilation' anywhere. Unsurprisingly, 'sissification' is not searched for all that much and forced feminization is much more common. Coupled with that was forced humiliation / humilated sissies etc and seeing as all of Sissifuss' stories contain forced feminized humiliation it was a bit of an oversight! Tere is no Sissifuss without humilated sissies, believe me. Getting a blance between humiliation and humiliated was difficult, and I probably failed.

Anyway, I think it looks cute. So obviously that's the main thing ;-)

Tuesday, 24 April 2007

New sissy boys on the homepage!

New home page design up today on Sissifuss, mainly to coincide with the release of Sissifuss issue 5. Well, not a totally new design, just some new sissies leaning on our title logo. The old sissy well wasn't really all that sissy at all, but the new boys have cute frilly outfits, lots of bows etc and are much more like the sissies that are in our sissy stories.

I'm pretty pleased with it. I particularly like how the
sissy boy on the right looks really miserable indeed! Ha ha, it's a good forced feminization image.

Likewise the very cute picture on the cover of issue 5:

Isn't that poor boy sweet?

Monday, 23 April 2007

Why a new blog?

Well I wanted to start this new blog for several reasons. Sissifuss currently has two other blogs, one on the Sissifuss MySpace page and one on LJ both of which serve to update Sissifuss readers on developments with the magazine. We use those two places as we have a big network of sissies and transvestites there and its a convenient way to tell them that we have a new issue out etc.

I wanted somewhere though to work through ideas for Sissifuss and talk about the process of writing. It's mainly for myself but if you find yourself here reading it, well then hi!

For clarification, Sissifuss is an online pdf magazine for sissies and transvestites. It contains sissification and forced feminization illustrated stories.